Smoking is a habit, vaping is a lifestyle

Maybe you want to quit smoking and start vaping, maybe you are still in doubt. In any case, see how it can contribute to a healthier you!

Smell like a strawberry

People who aren’t familiar with vaping, may still look at your huge clouds like you are a stinky smoker. But guess what, when they will pass you, it doesn’t even smell like cigarettes. Vapers are like a walking strawberry, fruit cereal or cinnamon roll.

Don't get out of breath anymore

You will notice a difference when you will do your daily 5 km run in the morning, not being out of breath anymore when you walk up mile high stairs and no more horrible smokers cough. Results already have concluded that vaping is 95% more harmless than smoking! Get your energy and health back!

Get your smell and taste back

As smoking might have been a habit for you for probably years and years, you will definitely notice your smell and taste sense will increase! How good is it to finally smell that fresh apple pie straight from the oven again, which by the way is a good e-juice as well!

Choose your own style

One of the greatest pro's of vaping is that users can choose their own flavors, nicotine level and styles. There are many different ways to vape, and each device has its own character and personality.

Do you need advice?

Come over to our store and ask us all you want to know about vaping, e-juices, gear, the basic and more advanced stuff. You are welcome from Tuesday till Sunday, from 12.00pm - 10.00pm.

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