Meet the permanent crew members Franny, Jamal and Gaaf. Together they take care of the full vaping experience and assist you in your vape journey.
Jamal and Franny can tell you everything you need to know about vaping, flavors, e-juices, mods and practically everything you need to know to get the best possible experience. And of course there is Gaaf, the in-house barber who gets you the most wicked haircuts while enjoying your vapor.



Handy man, traveller, piano player, passionate entrepeneur. Created Rotterdamp from the bottom and moving its way up!


Allround Assistant

Multilingual, multitasker. Knows how to assist and guide you through your vapejourney and is also jointly responsible for the succeed of every Vape Night!


The Barber

Speaks and understands hair. Improve your selfie and get a fresh clean cut at our in-house vaping barber.